What is Information Technology?

What is Information Technology?


I hope you have enjoyed my presentation of a few occupations in the information technology field. I realize I did not go through every occupation, but thatís okay. This website isnít meant to go through every single aspect. I think that would be overwhelming. My goal is two pique your interest in a field that most people donít have deep knowledge about. I have attached a youtube video playlist that can further explain what I did not.


Here are some statistics on the pay and job growth on these three fields. Although I think one should follow a path, that they are passionate about, we all have to be realistic. We want to be able to financially support ourselves. That is how we survive in society. Information technology jobs generally pay much more than a liveable wage! Here is some added incentive to further investigate these occupations beyond my website. Here is a fun fact. The average national job growth for all fields is approximately 9%!

Occupation Job Growth Average Salary
Web Developers 27% $66,130
Software Developers 17% $102,280
Server Administrators 8% $79,700

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